Swimming Pool Installation at Hampden-Sydney High School Delayed

A project at Hampden-Sydney High School will be delayed, but will be able to meet the school's new swimming pool target date of August 2019.

Back in March, the school district received $4.6 million in capital funds from the Hampden County Swimming Pool Installation.

The district wanted to use the money to help fund a new swimming pool, along with several renovations at the high school.

According to Rene Tomko, the project's superintendent, the bids to install a swimming pool were coming in higher than anticipated, as well as a number of other expenses that needed to be addressed.

"The estimated cost of the pool, over a 25 year time span, was going to be about $1 million. The bids we received were double that, $1.4 million," said Tomko.

In order to reduce the budget, the district has decided to switch the pool plan and also have to put off the updates to the entire high school.

Tomko says that the plan now is to begin the renovation work
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